Oil & Gas Photography

Using my previous offshore experience on the deck and rig floor, I offer a unique insight to the world of Oil & Gas Photography. I am a Scotland based Heavy Industrial, Offshore Photographer offering a premium photography service on and around offshore installations in the North Sea and internationally.

Having worked on both jack up rigs and fixed platforms, I have an in depth knowledge and understanding of the sector, making me perfectly placed to capture the images you require. Using my experience in the industry allows me to offer a taste of something different usually offered offered in oil & gas photography. I offer a range of services to my clients from documenting offshore projects to re-branding, engineering, marketing, health and safety to project and drilling documentation.

Whether you need photographs for marketing purposes, to document operational projects, or for something complex like images for 3D Augmented Reality and wireline operations, I will work closely with you to produce bespoke images especially tailored to your requirements. My equipment is state of the art, allowing me to create professional images day or night without the need for flash photography.

Before working as a photographer full time, I spent over three years working offshore within drilling and decommissioning operations. My unique experience of different types of offshore hazardous environments, means that you can be rest assured that I am a “safe pair of hands”. I am fully aware of the health and safety guidelines and understand the need to work under permit and with a gas monitor at all times.

Due to the confidential nature of the business, photographs that truly capture life on board a platform are rare. I understand how important it is to work in a manner that is sensitive, respecting my client’s and their client’s need for privacy. The experience I have gained as an offshore worker, has given me unique insight into the industry as well as the mandatory certification I need to access areas of the rig that would be otherwise be prohibited. It’s a real privilege to document just how effective the workforce is at operating their equipment, to ensure the smooth and safe running of the rig in a potentially challenging and ever changing environment.

I have all the valid certification required to work offshore including:

• Bosiet with EBS

• Minimum Industry Safety Training course (MIST)

• Face Fit Offshore training course certificate

• Working at Height Level 1/2 and Confined Space Level 1/2

• Neebosh Risk Assessment

• ISSOW permit to work

• Helideck assistant

• Banksman/Slinger Level 3

• current medical

• a current and valid passport

I also have a range of offshore stock photographs available on flexible license or print basis available in the Galleries & Shop section of this site. If you have a requirement for offshore oil & gas photography or corporate/training video project. Please contact me on my contact page with some brief details of your requirements.